Pilot Program

LIHEAP Energy Education and Assistance-How the Pilot Program Works:

The Pilot Program recognizes clients who qualify for energy assistance but their monthly energy bills are higher than the typical allocation.  By working one-on-one with our Energy Specialist, Francisco Garcia, clients are walked through a three-step process over a three month period.

1st Visit-During the first visit, Francisco does a whole house sweep and installs energy saving products throughout the home.  These products include;  LED light-bulbs, safety caps, sealers in electrical outlets, thermometer(s), adhesive tape to cover incoming or escaping air, aerators for bathrooms,  water-saving showerheads and much more.  During this process, Francisco is ensuring that the families understand why these products help save energy and how to properly install them.The first visit also focuses on preparing a meal plan budget for 7 full days.  This allows a family to plan out shopping options and understand the significance of buying in bulk.  By educating each family on how much energy can be consumed while cooking, this step acts as a great teaching method to understanding how important and effective planning ahead can be.

2nd Visit-The second visit is all about personal budgeting, by taking each family through their monthly spending habits and educating them on personal finance. Thegoal of this second step is to allow a family to recognize where they can save money and where their budgetary hot spots have been in the past.  Francisco is able to get each family to recognize what their wants and needs are for the future and how they can reach those goals.

3rd Visit-The third and final visit is a complete overview and wrap-up session.  Francisco makes sure that the families understand the concept(s) that have been taught to them and that they understand the importance of saving and budgeting for the future.  According to Mr. Garcia, “we are helping them save money and prepare for the future.”

This Pilot Program is in its first year and there are many steps to continuing to ensure that energy education and assistance become vital steps in educating our community.  For more information on this program contact Francisco Garcia at MCCAC, 541-298-5131 x207. 

If you are interested in getting a seven day food budget plan, samples are available from MCCAC

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